Refugio Alemán trail, the way to Hierba Loca
Duración: 3 days
Ubicación: Santiago de Chile
Precio: $1.200 USD p/p

  • Take an intense single track experience at the mountains near Santiago. Live the real Andes MTB adventure riding different grounds and landscapes in a few unforgettable days. Ride your dreams in longs sweets and technical trails.

    Start your adventure at 3.600 meters above the sea level in the Andes mountains and ride downhill elevations above 2.400 meters.

    Enjoy long and technical trails from the Andes mountains to the coastal mountain range.

    Ride through 3 natural reserves of matchless beauty in the hands of experienced local guides.

  • Day 1, at the shadows of the big mountains.

    Early in the morning we moved to Valle Nevado, for start our ride at 3000 meters above the sea level. After 6.5 km of climb to Piuquenes lagoon at 3650 meters, we start our downhill (20 km and 2500 meters of vertical elevation into an amazing scenery!). Then we return in the van to Farellones, and ride to La Parva Village to take the amazing “foxy” single-track. The finish of the day comes with a great dinner and an amazing view at Farellones village.

    Day 2, with the company of the city.

    In the second action day we move to Hacienda las Varas. New terrain, new landscape, cactus, rocks and rock’n roll. A great view of Santiago is the company of this ride. Full flow, technical corners, lose ground and sweet rocks are the ingredients of this funny day. After the ride a replenishing food and beers, Than we moved to the coast mountain range, to the Olmue zone, for rest and recharge energies for a new funny day of ride.

    Day 3, the ancient trails.

    Early in the morning we going to the magic Caleu for climb the Cerro el Roble and prepare the first downhill of the day. We ride single track to Quebrada Alvarado area, by a technical sweet trail. After a traditional chilean lunch at “No Me Olvides” restaurant, we going to “Crown” the experience whit a climbing in the vehicle to top of “Cuesta la Dormida” for the last amazing downhill’s of the trip. After the ride, we return to Santiago for the check out.

    •  2 Nights accomodation.

    •  Breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

    •  All transportation during the trip.

    •  Admission to natural reserves.

    •  Experienced local guides.

    •  Airport or hotel transfers.

    •  Mechanical support.

    • √ Mobil Bike Park Beer Program

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  • If you are an experienced mountain biker, your ride business are the long skilled trails, the rocks, the loose ground and a lot of switchbacks, you will be enjoy the trails of this ride. 

    Proper bike


    Enduro. Bikes with 160 mm to 140 mm of suspensions.

    Skill level

    Do you manage without problems in all the aspects of mountain biking.
    You can ride in technical trails, with rocks, roots and loose and you can take small jumps and drops without problems.
    You can ride advanced technical trails only having difficult in extreme and technical sections.

    Fitness level

    You can ride 5 to 6 hours per day at moderate fast rhythm for several days.
    You can manage to climb moderately 700 vertical meters at in a day.
    7 to 8 hours of average exercise per week, included ride.

    • Single room option.

      Hermit mode, on. Extra $100 USD for single room.

    • Travel Insurance

      Medical travel insurance, including emergency evacuation coverage, is compulsory for all our tours. We also recommend that you purchase a travel insurance that includes cancellation protection so that you will be covered in the event that you are unable to attend our tour due to injury, illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

    • Safety on the trail

      The day before to each ride we going to has a technical discussion, including a checking of the risks areas that we going to cross. A maximum of 4 rider per guide its other of our strategies to control the safety of the group, however if you has an incident in the trail, the Mobil bike park has the first AID knowledge and equipment to give an integral handle of the situation.


      We meet at day 1 on Santiago in your hotel, then, we go up to one of biggest adventure of your life. If you arrive earlier, we can help you to get accommodation. On last day we take you to the airport or hotel. If you want to stay more, we charge you $250 for each extra ride day (without accommodation and meals).


      We recommend you bring your own bike on this trip, you will ride better on your own familiar, lovely bike. We don’t have bike rental, but we can provide the best bike for rent in Santiago. If you aren’t get used to pack an travel with your bike, we can help you too.


      The essentials for this epic adventure are:

      Wear for all weather conditions is mandatory, remember that we will ride at 3500 meters above the level of the sea, and wear a pair layers and a good wind breaker is necesary to enjoy the ride. We will ride too at Coastal mountain range, and some days are very hot.

      This trip have trails with deep and technical sections, therefore you must come with your full face helmet and open face helmet for the climbs. knee pads are essential for all the days of ride too. Keep in mind that that all protections are welcome on a nasty OTB situation.

      The Mobil Bike Park have a pretty tool kit for you and guides with mecanics knowledge, but is not bad idea that you will be come with your ultra mega mini multi tool. If your bike or some components used so enduro specific tools, come with it too.

      Travel with tubes or tubeless milk, an extra chain, cables and others essentials for your lovely bike that you deem necesary


      Chile is very strartling, the people is very nice, you can find all kind of services and supplies, the wine its crazy good and the geography its amazing, you can go from the pacific ocean to 4000 mts high the andes mountains in one and half hours. Chile has an average of 150 kms wide and 5000 kms long, that is 5000 kms of the andes mountain with a bunch of super funny and mystical singles tracks waiting for you.


      We don’t book international flights for our riders. Please contact your local travel agent for information on booking flights for this adventure.


      The $300 USD from the reserve has “no return” policies, however this is a lifetime reserve.