Company Overview

The Mobil Bike Park is a Chilean bike tour operator company with headquarters in Santiago. the company starts in 2010 with one day ride’s at the mountains near Santiago and providing racing support around Chile and some races in Argentina for Chilean riders. In 2013 the company began to organize bike holidays for passionate riders who living the life style of ride bikes, people for whom cycling spend an important part of their lives. Today we offer packages from three to eight days of single track mtb and road rides.


Help and promote the people development through the travel and life style of ride bikes as a life changing cycling adventure. Share the ride, the culture, the adventure and the experience of ride bikes in the amazing geography of Chile.


Share with riders of all the world, the adventure of ride bikes though the length and breadth of Chile. Sread and enhance the development of the activity of cycling and travel by local communities.


Knowledge – Authenticity – empathy – passion – quality.

Who we are and we think


The Mobil Bike Park borns in the soul of Pablo Guzmán, with one day ride’s to the hot lines near at Santiago, also making race support for different local teams. From there, the Mobil Mike Park experience its grow as a magic bean. Whit travels across the multifaceted geography of Chile has uniques single track lines and a few “cool events during the summer”. In the past we also make trips to argentina, like the MTB continental championship and a few local races. The approach for this season is share the experience taken in the past to deliver a “life changing adventure “ to our riders.

The Mobil Bike Park is not an tourism business, and we are not business men, we are riders, and what we offer for you, are our dreams. Untill today, the MBP runs the chilean roads for 5 years, 5 years of rides, friends, trails, crashes and wake up again. For this reason we don’t offer a product, we offer what we are.

Pablo Guzmán

Founder, ride dreams developer


Today, the MBP team as grow on the hand of Antonio “give me a hug” Kurte, setting the synergy to reach the objetives and commit the standard that a MBP rider worth.

I meet Pablo since mi first MTB. When he´s start whit the Mobil Bike Park I take all the chances to fit in thoses trips. How many rides! How many experiencies!, how many laughs!. Now I has the lucky to contribute to this lyfestyle that MBP start to shape. I am all ready clear about how important are the bikes for the people like us … are you?

Antonio Kurte