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Big Mountains Enduro Adventure

8 days
Ride giant mountains, ride downhill elevations above 2000 meters by the Andes mountains, ride by ancient forest of oaks and Chilean palms in Coast mountain range. 5 days of pure enduro, 5 mythical mountains that will test your endurance, your skills and your mind, MTB holidays that will change your life, your way of ride and living the MTB. Live the unique experience of cycling under the shadow of the highest summits of America and ride an epic enduro MTB adventure.
$2,500 USD p/p

Big Mountains Single Track Xpress

3 days
Take an intense single track experience at the mountains near Santiago. Live the real Andes MTB adventure riding different grounds and landscapes in a few unforgettable days. Ride your dreams in longs sweets and technical trails.
$1.200 USD p/p

The Mobil Bike Park

Downhill at La Dormida mountain

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We know what you want at the end of the day

The Chilean beer on this days as taken a turn in to very sophisticated developed, where you can find lager, pilsner, doppelbock, bock, porter, stout, ale, and some particular nice beer´s. Many different craft production has come to our market. We think that this is a very...

We hope you never have a problem, but……

We understand that things outside of your control may come up between the moment you book your Ride to its scheduled departure. That’s why we’re extra flexible, and make it easy for you to postpone a Ride if something unexpected comes up. And unlike most other travel...

What we are

The Mobil Bike Park is not an tourism business, and we are not business men, we are riders, and what we offer for you, are our dreams. Untill today, the MBP runs the chilean roads for 5 years, 5 years of rides, friends, trails, crashes and wake up again. For this reason we don’t offer a product, we offer what we are.